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INTRODUCING: Bedtime Stories To Help You Sleep

Total Value: £95
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What You Will Recieve:

#1: Sleep Stories
High quality, soothing stories to help you deal with insomnia and get better sleep.
#2: Affirmations
Powerfully positive statements to help you overcome self-doubt and uplift your thoughts.
#3: Mindful Sounds
Specially crafted to help you reduce stress and encourage a reconnection with mind, body and breath.

Studies show that Chronic Sleep Deprivation is responsible for a number of major ailments that can impact your entire body.

Anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, weakened immune system, diabetes and heart disease are just a few examples.

- Do you struggle to fall asleep?

- Do you get less than 7 hours on a regular basis?

- Are you often fatigued and yawning during the day?

This may be caused by an underlying sleep disorder which you can check with professional medical advice and to help further, try Ready For Dreams, bedtime stories to help you sleep.

Your body needs sleep just as it needs water, air and food to function at its best. 

During sleep, your brain creates new connections that help memory retention. Your body also restores its chemical balance and heals itself.

Make it easier for yourself to sleep with Ready For Dreams.

High quality equalised audio stories read by leading voice performers.

As well as soothing stories to help you sleep, subscribe today and access Affirmations plus Mindful Sounds to enhance your mood


BONUSES Include:

High Quality Perfromances
From leading writers and voice professionals.

Downloadable Audio
Access a selection of stories you can download and listen to on your device without wifi.

New Content Every Month
Fresh new stories, affirmations and mindful sounds so you never get bored.

Happy Sleepers:

I work shifts and find it hard to settle into a pattern or get my brain to relax when I need it to. A few minutes of this and I'm fast asleep.

Katrina Anderson - Birmingham, UK

Really handy on long trips. Helps pass the time and relaxes me when I've had a busy day.

Brandon Mensah - London, UK

I have sleep apnea and listen to the stories with my machine on at bedtime. So Good!
Helen Jones - Sydney, Aus

Sleep and a new born don't often go together. Ready For Dreams has helped us all. Love it.
Conor Fields - San Francisco, US

The soothing voices tingle my imagination but also allow me to drift away so easily.
Emma Clarke - Leeds, UK


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Bedtime Stories
To Help You Sleep

Total Value: £95 Yearly
Available to You Now for £4.95 Monthly
or £27 Yearly

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